Get loose, get loose!

The final tune, you know, because I’m… well, you know, I’m sort of in love with Tom pretty hard, so I’m gonna finish with E.T., the theme by John Williams.

—Serge in a radio takeover, August 2014 (via innitserge)

(via catgeek)

Finally, tell us what you really think of each other.

  • SERGE: Exactly what we’ve just been saying is missing from music, rock n roll and any sort of, you know, what we do, you know, someone that’s completely unique in themselves and never once pretends or tries to act like anyone else or be like anyone else... just them. They’re the most incredible people because you just can’t touch them because they’re them, there’s only one and there’ll only ever be one, you know, throughout the years of rock n roll you can sort of name them and there’s none (hardly) and Tom’s one of them. He’s very funny as well, very funny, on a hang over anyway. As a frontman, yeah, well I can stand there and say it, he’s the fucking greatest of his generation, of Tom’s generation, you know, no one comes near him.
  • TOM: That’s really nice, thank you. Sergio, he’s just like kind of a silent, whispery sort of guy, quite a gentle softly spoken, you know, I’m the complete opposite of him but he’s got it all stored in his brain and he takes a lot of information in and again people don’t really know how to take Serge, and I know him more than anyone and he’s kind of like a gentle giant man, but when he lets it rip he lets it go, you know, he deals with a lot of stuff, you know, the writing, the spokesman of the band and stuff like that. You know, the way he handles a situation with the band and stuff, he’s the leader, you know, the way he handles the situation when we’re busy and stuff, he takes a lot of shit. He’s Serge, man, he’s a genius, you know, what else can I say.
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